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setup is being restarted

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Hi all,

I had trouble try to repair my Windows XP pro.

Yesterday, I had the problem with my comp. It just hung

while I was trying to turn it off.

Then, I tried to restart the machine, and it said the file

hal.dll is missing or corrupted. So.. I copied this file

from another machine and put to system32 folder, and it

still couldn't boot.

So, I decided to use the CD to re-install using repair mode.

Then, the machine can boot. However, after the black screen

with XP logo, it went to blue screen with the words "setup

is being restarted..." then restarted again and again..

What does this mean? and how to fix this thing? and what

is the hal.dll file for?

sorry for a bunch of questions. Thanks a million guys...

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    • Install xp cd,restart computer or shut-down,then boot to cd,recovery,

      press enter for password,at cmd screen type:CHKDSK C: /R

      When its thru,type:EXIT

      #1; Mon, 26 May 2008 15:50:00 GMT
    • In my experience, before starting the recovery disk, have to change the BIOS to start pc

      from CD. After files are copied, reboot to BIOS, change to hdd 0 (in my pc) so that

      Windows can finish installing itself.

      It's a pain, pia.


      #2; Mon, 26 May 2008 15:51:00 GMT