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Missing file cmmgr32.exe

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I installed a New 80 GB drive as C:, after Fdisk and

Format, I installed Windows XP Home, Service Pack2 (from

the CD), Norton Systemworks 2003 Professional with

seperate Firewall 2003, and the defragmentor Program

Diskeeper, all of which were updated before running Norton

WinDoctor. WinDoctor found 33 errors, including:


** SHORT DESCRIPTION: Missing or Invalid

Application Path Entry


key, "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App

Paths\cmmgr32.exe," refers to an invalid application

path, "C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmmgr32.exe."


The file cmmgr32.exe is not on my PC, although there is a

cmmgr32.hlp in C:\windows\system32

What exactly is the function of the missing exe file, and

where and how do I get a copy of it?


More generally, what is going on when WinDoctor finds so

many errors on a new installation, 31 of which look like


** LONG DESCRIPTION: The ActiveX/COM sections of your

Windows Registry contain one or more invalid entries. This

can cause documents to open improperly, applications not

to run, or your computer to crash.

(1 of 31)** SHORT DESCRIPTION: Missing or Invalid Key:

** LONG DESCRIPTION: The key, "CLSID\{88E729D6-BDC1-11D1-


refers to a missing file, "fde.dll."

There is no fde.dll on the PC.

Thanks JimB

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